Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Sekadar Renungan...

Sajak ni pernah saya deklamasikan dalam makan Malam Kelas Syariah Sem 2 2009 pada 18 November 2009 di Female Sport Complex, IIUM...


A Moment of No Doubt
By: Ibrahim Nael Abdella
Sometimes I think about
the moment of no doubt
The fate that reached every
tall short personthin be he, or stout
when it came it just came
just like that
the intensity of the pain
unconcievable by the brain
they said it was like
70 swords aimed to strike
how can I bear that if
when only by a cut,
my arm will get so stiff
How will i act.....
What will I say....
I can't just run away
from facing that day
All I can do is Pray
to Allah everyday
in hope that He may
make it a simple day
I heard that some hallucinated
and from the pain
commited blasphemy
now.... I really won't like
that to happen to me
at least becauseat that moment of pain
I'll be under so much strain
that caring about someone elsewould be the least
Will I go to Janah
what my soul always desired?
or will I be sent
directly to the hellfire?........just like that
My soul always tells me:"No ,that won't happen to you....
you are a pious man with a heart
overflown with ImanAllah will spare you
from the pain"....But how can that be true....
When the Prophet sent to you
better than you and him.....peace be upon him
suffered these moments too.....just like that
Or are you better than him?!?!?
So my advice for you......and for me too
is to stick to The Booksent by The Creator of man
(and every other thing) The Holy Quran
and read a part daily ,at least one chapter
this insha Allahis good for the Hereafter
not only reading........understanding too
Quran and Sunnah ...stick to these two
Is it too hardto do that at once?
Well, ... and so is... entering Paradise
So DO IT ........that is my advice........just like that
and pray for the person
who wrote this poem
so he won't be punished..... just like that

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